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Name: Charlie Gillingham                                                               
Born: 26 January 1960                                                                   
Charlie Gillingham, (born Charles Thomas Gillingham, 26 January 1960, Torrance,         
California ), plays the Hammond B-3 organ, accordion, piano, and keyboards             
for Counting Crows. He has also played the bass guitar in live shows during             
certain songs such as "Miami" and "Holiday in Spain".                                   
He was also a member of Zip Code Revue, and played keyboards on Train's 1998           
debut album.                                                                           
In 2004 Gillingham was nominated for an Oscar as co-composer of the song, "Accidentally 
in Love". He was put forward in the category 'Academy Award for Best Original           
Song' with his fellow songwriters Adam Duritz, Jim Bogios, David Immergluck,           
Matt Malley, David Bryson and Dan Vickrey. The track was used in the film,             
Shrek 2.