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Pandit Dattayetra Vishnu Paluskar, son of Pndit Vishu Digamber Paluskar,earned a lot of fame at a very young age. He was a firm follower of the Fandhian thoughts. Born on May 28, 19 21, his initial education in music was given by his father. He imbibed music education from three other musicians, namely Chintamari Rao Paluskar, Pandit Narayan Rao Vyas and Pandit Vinayak Rao Parvardhan. He also got the opportunity to learn music from Mirashi Buwa.


When he was fourteen years old,he sanf his first song in Hariballabbh Musical conference. After that he took part in all India on Radio and gramophone record of his songs was released, when he waas 22 years old. But he did playback singing only in one film ‘Baiju Baura’. Although he had imbibed Khayaal singing of Gwalior gharana he gave due respect to the singing of other Gharanas. He died on October 26, 19 55.