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rachel roberts, Hailing from Vancouver, British Colombia, Rachel Roberts has joined an influx of stars and musicians from the Canadian West Coast, such as Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker), Diana Krall and Nelly Furtado, which have made it big worldwide. Discovered at a young age, Rachel moved up the modeling ladder quickly, often the case with a new face in her industry.


As early as 1998, when rachel roberts was still only 19, magazines were courting her to do covers. rachel roberts began to shoot for big names, doing Elle, Vogue, Glamour and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue of 2000. rachel roberts began Signing on to be skin-care line Biotherm’s official model, she gained even more notoriety by posing for labels such as Ralph Lauren, Dana Buchman, Victoria’s Secret, and Banana Republic. As rachel roberts’s career took off, rachel roberts moved to New York City, where rachel roberts now lives with her husband. It was a strategic move, giving her an opportunity to appear in more shows and put her face in more magazines. A whirlwind of activity, rachel roberts landed her upcoming role in Simone just as her name was becoming common in the fashion world.


In accordance with director Andrew Niccol’s (Gattica, The Truman Show) demands, just who was playing the title character was kept a secret from the beginning of shooting in late 2000 up until May 2002. In Simone, rachel roberts plays a computer-generated actress created by director Al Pacino, who is forced to find a new actress for his film after the original one walks out. The public embraces this new actress, never aware that rachel roberts is literally a virtual creation. rachel roberts character becomes a smash success, and Pacino is powerless to admit what he has done. With her new acting career and fresh take on the world of modeling, rachel roberts’ future is bright.


With beauty like hers, we just hope rachel roberts gets as much exposure as possible. In the world of models, we, as admirers of these most beautiful of women, naturally relate only to the body we see, and never hear from the person herself. Although this is the purpose of many models – to be eye candy – it is refreshing to encounter someone who has the nerve and ability to make the transition from mute model to a fully expressive actress.


rachel roberts is the newest addition in a line of accomplished supermodels that includes Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Elle Macpherson, to try her hand at the big screen. Although her predecessors will never be remembered for their acting prowess, rachel roberts, a native of Vancouver, Canada, stands out for taking an untraditional role that does more than simply exploit her appearance.


This soon-to-be household name, whose face is familiar to Biotherm users and Vogue subscribers, has accomplished everything the fashion world deems high-profile enough to label her a supermodel. Admittedly, it is tough to look beyond our stereotypical view of many supermodels being vain and without much talent outside the catwalk, but we’re pulling for rachel roberts to break the barrier. rachel roberts has impressed us so far, mostly with her supermodel looks, but also with her acting skills in Simone, which have caught many by surprise. Although it is generally believed that modeling does not rank next to astrophysics in terms of difficulty, it can be said that rachel roberts is among the top of her field talent-wise. There aren’t many other supermodels that would take a role such as the one of Simone, a virtual actress (literally) believed to be a real person by the public.


Balancing the busy schedule of a supermodel that consists of flying across the world on photo shoots and appearing at the biggest fashion shows for a few tours of the catwalk, on top of filming a movie, is no easy task. We’ll give credit where credit is due, no matter the circumstances. Uhh, let’s see, she’s a blonde with long legs and great curves. Oh yeah, rachel roberts also a bona fide supermodel who is often seen strutting around in the most amazing unmentionables. From the face behind Biotherm’s skin-care products to covers of Vogue and Elle magazine, Roberts’ resume reflects that of her supermodel status. rachel roberts has done the major fashion shows, appeared in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, and sported clothes from major designers, including Ralph Lauren.


rachel roberts would be but another pretty face were it not for her first appearance on the big screen, playing the title character of Al Pacino’s brainchild CGI. Of course, since beauty is the most important part of her career, any negative comments about Rachel would only be considered nitpicking. More full bodied, or just less anorexic than fellow models Trish Goff and Kate Moss, rachel roberts has great features from head to toe: blonde hair, pouty lips and long legs. Maybe it’s something in the Vancouver air, because rachel roberts is certainly blessed.
Although it’s hard to judge her personal tastes because rachel roberts is often told what to wear, we can say that the people dressing rachel roberts have done a good job. rachel roberts can pull off mostly anything, and while we prefer seeing her wearing next to nothing, she is still stunning in the avant-garde clothes she often sports on the catwalk, as any good little supermodel should be.