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Ustad Nathan Khan was the most popular singer of Agra Gharana. Born in 1840, he was the only son of Sher Khan.


Nathan Khan lost his father when he was merely two years lod. Later he was taken care of by his uncle Ustad Gulam Abbas Khan. Whenever there were any musical programmes at his residence, Nathan Khan always took part in it. After that he practiced all those songs and music during his leisure times.


Nathan Khan learnt music from Dhrupad Singer Ghasit Khan and Khwaza Baksh of Fatehpur Sikri. He imbibed knowledge of music for 12 years. Than he became court musician in Jaipur. His singing style was very unique. He used to sing Nauthar Bani. He had mastery over tone (laya) and therefore could sing any raga or laya at will. He also served in the Maysore Court .


Among his sons, Abdullah Khan and Vilayat Hussain Kihan became respected singers. Nathan Khan died in 1901 in Maysore.