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Name: Salmon Portland Chase                                                       
Born: 13 January 1808 Cornish, New Hampshire, U.S.                               
Died: 7 May 1873 New York City, New York, U.S.                                   
Salmon Portland Chase (January 13, 1808 - May 7, 1873) was an American           
politician and jurist in the Civil War era who served as U.S. Senator from Ohio   
and Governor of Ohio; as U.S. Treasury Secretary under President Abraham Lincoln; 
and as Chief Justice of the United States.                                       
Chase articulated the "Slave Power conspiracy" thesis well before Lincoln did,   
and he coined the slogan of the Free Soil Party, "Free Soil, Free Labor, Free     
Men." He devoted his enormous energies to the destruction of what he considered   
the Slave Power the conspiracy of Southern slave owners to seize control of       
the federal government and block the progress of liberty.