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Name: Kyoko Mori                                                               
Born: 9 March 1957 Kobe, Japan                                                 
In several of her prose works, award-winning novelist and poet Kyoko Mori       
poignantly describes the devastating pain that haunts a young person who must   
deal with the death of a beloved parent. After coping with the suicide of her   
mother when Mori was still a preteen, she was then forced to watch her once     
secure way of life become drastically altered through the tirades of a selfish, 
patriarchal, and unfeeling father and an insensitive and equally selfish       
stepmother. This abiding sense of loss, which deprived Mori of both family and 
community and which has imbued much of her written work, would eventually prompt
her to voluntarily give up yet another tie with her youth: her country.         
Attending an American college on a scholarship program, she felt more in sync   
with the relaxed, less emotionally inhibited culture of the United States than 
she did with the strictures in place in Japanese society.