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Alladiya Khan was born in 1855 in a family of Dhrupadiya Gharana of Jaipur. This Gharana was started by Mantol Khan. Alladiya Khan learnt music not only from his father Ahmad Khan but also from his uncle Jahangir Khan. Jahangir Khan taught him Dhrupad-Dhamar.


Alladiya Khan’s singing had the fragrance of Lucknow-Gwalior-Jaipur’s Kawwal Bachha Gharana. He was an elegant singer of his time. Every singer of that age was influenced by his singing. Later he reached Kolhapur where he was appointed as the court singer. He always gave due attention over Raga, Laya and Swaralop in his singing. Whenever he was applauded by audience for his Tan, he never repeated it. He rather sang it differently to make it more interesting.


Alladiya Khan also popularized the unrecognized raags of his Gharana. In his singing there were no Bol and tanes. Prolonged and Gamak Alap and producing different Alap were some features of his singing. He died on march 16, 1946.