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Stephen Dorffhas become one of the most respected young actors in Hollywood. He starred in New Line’s Blade opposite Wesley Snipes. Based on the best-selling comic book and featuring state-of-the-art special effects, Blade was produced by Peter Frankfurt, Wesley Snipes and Robert Engelman.


Opening the 1994 Sundance Film Festival was Ian Softley’s Backbeat for which Dorff received overwhelming critical acclaim for his lead role of Stuart Sutcliffe, The Fifth Beatle. Produced by Stephen Wooley, Backbeat tells the story of Sutcliffe’s close friendship with John Lennon, his love affair with German photographer Astrid, his painful decision to leave the band, and his tragic early death.


Recipient of the prestigious 1992 Male Star of Tomorrow Award from the National Association of Theatre Owners, Dorff was chosen from over 2000 young men around the world who auditioned for the coveted from of PK in John Avildsen’s The Power of One. He underwent a strenuous seven-week physical training program and mastered an authentic accent to play the young Afrikaner who learns to fight for his principles in an apartheid-crippled South Africa.