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Name: Fox Chase Boy                                                               
The so-called Fox Chase Boy was an unknown child found dead in 1957 in a vacant   
lot in the Philadelphia community of Fox Chase. The blue-eyed and blonde-haired   
boy was estimated to be between 3 and 5 years of age, and his bruised body was   
found inside a cardboard box. (Hence he is also known as "The Boy in the Box.")   
An autopsy showed that the boy had been dead at least two days and possibly as   
long as three weeks, and that he had died of head injuries. Though the death was 
presumed to be a homicide, the exact cause of the boy's injuries could not be     
determined. Among the case's many odd twists: the boy's hair had been crudely     
cut shortly before death or possibly afterwards. The search for the boy's         
identity became a huge news story of the era and a personal mission for the       
police detectives assigned to the case. However, the mystery was never solved     
and the boy has remained unidentified into the 21st century.