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  Birthdate: 18.11.1923                                                             
  Birthplace: East Derry / New Hampshire                                             
  Marital status: married                                                           
  Children: two                                                                     
  Date of death: 22.07.1998                                                         
  Place of death: Monterey / California                                             
  No. Mission Job Time Duration                                                     
  Apollo 14 CDR 31.01. - 09.02.1971 9d 00h 01m                                       
  Additional information                                                             
  Bachelor of science from U.S. Naval Academy, 1944; two honorary doctorates; Rear   
  Admiral, USN, ret.; test pilot; he was the first American to fly in Space (Mercury 
  3, sub-orbital flight); from 1964 - 1970 grounded by NASA because of inner ear     
  complications (Meniere's syndrome); Chief of Astronaut Office from 1971 to 1974;   
  later Marathon Construction; then President, Seven Fourteen Enterprises, Houston; 
  he died of leukemia.