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Name: Veronika Varekova                                                               
Born: 19 June 1977                                                                   
Veronika Varekova (born June 19, 1977) is a Czech supermodel. Her name in the         
English-language press is often given as Veronica Varekova.                           
Originally from Olomouc, at age 19 she moved to New York City, United States.         
Initially, she wanted to attend the Parsons School of Design, though she chose       
modeling instead and was signed by Next Model Management. She moved to Europe         
after it became clear that she would be more successful there. She is fluent in       
three languages and has degrees in Psychology and Education. She married hockey       
star, Petr Nedved, in July 2004, but they separated in the summer of 2006.           
Varekova has appeared in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated a total of       
eight times: 1999-2002 and 2004-2007. She appeared on the cover in 2004. In           
addition to SI, Veronika was regularly featured in Victoria's Secret but decided     
not to renew her contract in 2004. She became the face of NIVEA at that time.         
Other contracts include Guess?, Chanel and Pantene. She was a cover girl for         
Marie Claire, Harpers & Queen and Cosmopolitan. Her most recent contract (2003 -     
2007) has been with Newport News.