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Name: Kirsty Hume                                                                 
Born: September 4, 1976                                                           
Kirsty Hume (born September 4, 1976) is a Scottish model who came to               
prominence in the fashion world in the 1990s. A columnist likened her appearance   
to a Botticelli angel.                                                             
She is married to rocker and actor Donovan Leitch, Jr..                           
In 1996 Hume was the feature model for Chanel ads. She has modelled for           
Victoria's Secret.                                                                 
Hume patronized the 26th Street flea market in Manhattan when shopping for Momo   
Falana, a line of hand-dyed dresses made from vintage lingerie. Parker Posey and   
Donna Karan were also customers of the business, which sells to patrons by         
appointment only.                                                                 
Hume and Leitch eschewed city life and relocated to Woodstock, New York. Hume     
began to study painting and paganism after their move. She is fond of wearing     
flip flops and Birkenstocks.