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Name: James King                                                                       
James King is a British movie critic who appears regularly on BBC Radio 1 and         
many television shows.                                                                 
He currently has a film slot during Edith Bowman's show at 2:30 pm on Wednesdays       
and Fridays, following several years as a sparring partner to Jo Whiley. On           
Wednesdays he responds to listeners' questions, whilst on Fridays he gives             
reviews on new releases. He presented the BBC Radio 1 show OneClick/Film in 2004,     
which was offered as a podcast, but these ended in June 2006 along with other         
OneClick podcasts. Also in 2004, James King's Movie News was nominated for the         
Sony Radio Academy Awards in the Information Award category.                           
A stand-in for JK and Joel's BBC Radio 1's Early Breakfast show on weekday             
mornings between 4:00 and 7:00 am, King has also appeared as a stand-in for           
fellow film critic and friend Mark Kermode on Simon Mayo's Radio Five Live             
programme. He also appears regularly on the ITV1 regional news programme London       
Tonight on Friday evenings, again providing reviews of the weekend's notable           
film releases.                                                                         
King made contributions to Film4's 50 Films to See Before You Die on the launch       
night of a free-to-air channel on 23 July 2006. He's also presented on Eat             
Cinema channel and BBC Two's Learning Zone.                                           
King began his broadcasting career at Radio Warwick in 1993 whilst an                 
undergraduate studying Film and Literature at the University of Warwick. Whilst       
a student, he presented a show named "Jingus' Smash Hits" (Jingus is his               
nickname). He also appeared on the programme created by fellow Warwick graduate       
Stephen Merchant with whom he was was once a housemate.                               
King made his feature film debut with a cameo in the 2006 horror-comedy Freak         
Out. He is known to be a supporter of Ipswich Town. He was educated at Ipswich         
James King is a vegetarian, as he confirmed on the BBC Radio 1 Edith Bowman show       
on Friday 12 January 2007.