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Name: Elias Milton Ammons                                                           
Born: 28 July 1860                                                                   
Died: 20 May 1925                                                                   
Elias Milton Ammons (July 28, 1860 - May 20, 1925) Originally a Republican,         
Ammons was the elected Democratic governor of Colorado from 1913 to 1915. Born       
in 1860 in Macon County, Georgia, he is perhaps best remembered for ordering         
National Guard troops into Ludlow, Colorado during the Ludlow Massacre. He was       
also instrumental in starting the National Western Stock Show, which is still       
active. His son Teller Ammons was also governor of Colorado. He died in Denver,     
Colorado in 1925.                                                                   
He was born in Macon County, Georgia. At age 26 he moved to Colorado and started     
in the cattle business.                                                             
While Governor Ammons was accused of favoring the mine owners in a strike at         
many coalmines in the state lasting from 1913-1914.