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Justin Randall Timberlake was born January 31, 1981, and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He began to perform at a very young age, whether it was singing, acting or dancing. The curly haired moppet appeared on the Star  Search TV talent contest at age 11, and was signed the next year to the  Disney Channel’s 90’s remake of the Mickey Mouse Club (1993-94). There  he met future band-mate JC, and a year after that the two had been put  together with three more singers/dancers to tour Europe as ‘N Sync.  Back in the States, they recorded their close harmonies on a debut  self-titled album (1998), immediately following its success (seven  million copies sold) with Home For Christmas (1998).


Immense popularity  in Europe and subsequent immense popularity in North America came as no  surprise to supporters; the boys of the band give their all at each  performance, truly entertaining their audiences. Most recently, the  release of the band’s album, No Strings Attached (2000), was delayed  while the lawsuit played out, but promises to be another monster hit.  Fans who can’t get enough are also promised the release of the  soundtrack (complete with ‘N Sync vocals) to the film Dr Seuss’s How  The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).


His own education is difficult, with concerts six nights a week, 300  days a year, but Timberlake did earn his high school diploma - it’s  just that he received it, not in a usual gymnasium commencement, but  during a Memphis concert. He, as well, has put some engineering and  computer skills to work, designing the track of a virtual Disney  rollercoaster ride. Timberlake has recently, too, broken into acting  and will appear as a “male model” in a World of Walt Disney feature  entitled Model Behaviour/Janine and Alex: Cover Girls


He cares a great  deal about performance, lending his name and energies to the Justin  Timberlake Foundation, initiated to support theatre arts and music in  public schools in America. Timberlake has an upcoming appointment with  the U.S. President and First Lady to further develop the program. More  acting is upcoming for the teen heartthrob. He is to star, along with  his band-mates, in the stage musical Grease 3, and all plan to have a  bit of fun lending their voices to an episode of the animated  television series, The Simpsons.