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Name: Bernard Moore                                                                   
Born: 1850 Staffordshire, C England, UK                                               
Died: 1935                                                                           
Potter, born in Staffordshire, C England, UK. He succeeded his father in the         
firm of Moore Brothers, where he traded with his brother until the sale of the       
business in 1905. He then set up his own business (1905-1915), where he was joined   
by his son. As a chemist he was particularly interested in glazes, and his           
experiments led him to produce a series of rouge flambes, turquoise, sang-de-boeuf,   
crystalline, and aventurine glazes as well as fine lustres. He worked as a           
technical consultant with many British, European, and American companies. He was     
greatly concerned with health risks to pottery workers, and delivered an             
influential paper to the Ceramic Society in 1932 suggesting changes in               
production to minimize lung disease.