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John Delorean was born on January 6, 1925, in Detroit, Michigan.                     
Delorean grew up during the depression. His father had worked in the local Ford     
Delorean studied engineering at the Lawrence Institute of Technology where he       
graduated with a degree. John worked for Packard Motor Car Company and Chrysler.     
Later, Delorean joined General Motors.                                               
At General Motors, John Delorean gained fame for the Pontiac GTO. Delorean was       
promoted to the position of directing General Motors North American operations.     
John started earning a salary of $650,000.                                           
Delorean left GM in 1973. John Delorean designed the DMC-12. It had a stainless     
steel body. Delorean was able to raise over $175 million from investors.             
A manufacturing plant was set up in northern Ireland. From the beginning there       
were problems. The company eventually moved towards financial collapse. DMC         
became bankrupt in 1983.                                                             
John Delorean died on March 19, 2005.