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Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on January 29th, 1970, Heather Graham had a passion for acting early on in her life. Her first acting experience was her role as Dorothy in a production of Wizard of Oz, and she continued to act throughout high school. Neither her passion nor her talent won her any friends in school though.


She says she was thought of as a drama geek and would be teased for being flat and shy. After graduating High School she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She worked as an usher at the Hollywood Bowl, landing various roles over the years in movies such as License to Drive and the acclaimed Drugstore Cowboy with Matt Dillon. She also appeared on the popular TV series “Twin Peaks.”


She then enrolled at the University of California to major in English but dropped out after 2 years to return to her acting career. After a few unsuccessful movies she appeared in Six Degrees of Separation with Will Smith, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle and in Swingers.


Heather started to become very popular with her mesmerizing performance as a blonde nymphet on roller-skates in the porn industry epic Boogie Nights. She also made a brief cameo in Scream 2 and in Lost in Space as the eldest daughter in the Robinson family. She also went on to appear in the acclaimed Two Girls and a Guy with Robert Downey Jr.


It wasn’t until she was cast in the lead opposite Mike Myers in Austin Powers; The Spy Who Shagged Me that Graham became a super-hottie in Tinseltown. Her most recent movie is the comedy Bowfinger starring Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin.


There is little doubt that Heather’s career is going strong. Her ability to balance high caliber performances with mainstream appeal is exceptional. She always seems to make room for a little playful fun in her characters. With enthusiastic talent and a perfect body I’m sure we will see more of Heather Graham.