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Name: Frederick Alan Moranis                                                             
Born: 18 April 1953 Toronto, Ontario, Canada                                             
Frederick Alan "Rick" Moranis (born April 18, 1953) is a Canadian actor,                 
comedian and musician best known for his comedy work on SCTV and appeared in             
several Hollywood films including Ghostbusters; Little Shop of Horrors; Honey, I         
Shrunk the Kids; Spaceballs; and My Blue Heaven. He is known in the movie               
business as "Slick Rick," due to his ability to play the lovable dork to                 
perfection in every movie.                                                               
Moranis was born Frederick Alan Moranis to a Jewish family in Toronto, Ontario.         
In the 1970s, he worked (using the stage name Rick Allen) as a disc jockey at           
various radio stations in Toronto, including CFTR, CKFH, and CHUM-FM. Together           
with Ken Finkleman, he tried his hand at stand-up and did some comedy for the           
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.                                                       
As a boy, Moranis spent his summers at Camp New Moon, in the countryside north           
of his native Toronto. During his last summer as a camper, Moranis achieved his         
Master Canoeist's award, qualifying him to teach canoeing.                               
He followed that with his work at SCTV, enjoying particular success portraying "Bob"     
of Bob and Doug McKenzie. Doug was played by Canadian actor Dave Thomas.                 
His other memorable SCTV characterizations include motor-mouthed film producer           
Larry Siegel, terminally-ill rock star Clay Collins, smooth-voiced video deejay         
Gerry Todd, cool Leutonian pop star Linsk Minyk, kid-brother amateur comic Skip         
Bittman, head cheese butcher Carl Scutz, and morning homily intellect Rabbi