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Name: Serena Williams                                                               
Born: 26 September 1981 Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.                                     
Serena Jameka Williams, (born September 26, 1981) is an American former World No.   
1 ranked female tennis player who has won eight Grand Slam singles titles and an   
Olympic gold medal in women's doubles. She is the last player, male or female,     
to have held all four Grand Slam singles titles simultaneously. In 2005, Tennis     
magazine ranked her as the 17th-best player of the preceding forty years. She is   
the younger sister of another former World No. 1 professional female tennis         
player, Venus Williams. Serena currently resides at Ballen Isles in Palm Beach     
Gardens, Florida.                                                                   
Williams is primarily an offensive baseline player. Her game is built around       
taking immediate control of rallies with her powerful serve, aggressive return     
of serve, and forceful groundstrokes. Although she is occasionally inconsistent,   
Williams has few technical weaknesses that can be exploited easily.                 
Her serve is widely regarded as one of the best in the women's game. For example,   
Lindsay Davenport has said that Williams' serve is the best serve that she has     
faced on the WTA Tour.[citation needed] Williams frequently hits serves over 120   
mph[citation needed] and often varies the placement of her serve. She can hit       
flat, slice, and topspin serves to both corners of the service box.                 
Williams is capable of overpowering her opponents when returning serve, off both   
second and first serve.                                                             
Williams is also effective at the net, employing solid volleys (being especially   
effective on the drive volley) and powerful overheads. She also can produce good   
drop volleys, a shot that not many players use.                                     
Although Williams's forehand is among the most powerful in the women's game, her   
backhand is generally considered to be more consistent.                             
Because of her aggressive style of play, Williams hits a relatively high number     
of unforced errors. This is tempered, however, by the fact that she typically       
hits more outright winners than her opponents.                                     
Although many think of Williams as only an offensive player, she also has a good   
defensive game. Williams is quick around the court, and her core strength           
enables her to hit the ball efficiently from difficult positions. Williams has     
more variety in her game than the typical offensive baseline player. Although       
she normally dictates play from the baseline with heavy flat strokes, Williams     
occasionally slices her backhand or hits heavy topspin groundstrokes or             
dropshots to change the pace of the ball.