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Name: Parker Christian Posey                                                             
Born: 8 November 1968 Baltimore, Maryland, United States                                 
Parker Christian Posey (born November 8, 1968) is an American actress. She               
became known during the 1990s, after a series of roles in several well-reviewed         
independent films. As a result, she has often been referred to as the "Queen of         
the Indies".                                                                             
Posey was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the daughter of Lynda, a chef, and Chris         
Posey, who owned a Chevrolet dealership. She has a fraternal twin brother,               
Christopher. Posey's unisex first name was a tribute by her father to 1950s             
supermodel Suzy Parker. After Posey's birth, the family moved to Laurel,                 
Mississippi where her mother worked as a chef and culinary instructor for the           
Viking Range Corporation in Greenwood, MS, and her father, after coming back             
from the Vietnam War with long time friend Bill Pearson, opened a dealership             
named Posey Chevrolet in Laurel, Mississippi. The family also lived in Monroe,           
Louisiana. Posey was raised in the Catholic religion.                                   
Posey attended the State University of New York at Purchase, where she roomed           
with actress Sherry Stringfield. Fellow actors in her SUNY Purchase acting               
company included Adam Trese, Reno Wilson, and Todd Baker.                               
Posey's first break was in television, when she won the role of Tess Shelby on           
the daytime soap opera As the World Turns. (Stringfield, Posey's roommate, was           
also cast on the daytime drama Guiding Light at about the same time.) Posey's           
first major role in a feature film was in Dazed and Confused (1993).                     
Throughout the late 1990s, Posey starred in a large number of independent films         
and was named Queen of the Indies by Time Magazine, which cited 32                       
independent films to her credit, including Personal Velocity, Clockwatchers,             
Party Girl, and The House of Yes, for which she received especially positive             
reviews for her portrayal of a delusional woman in love with her own brother.           
She is part of the acting ensemble that appears in director Christopher Guest's         
films, including his four mock documentaries (Waiting for Guffman in 1996, Best         
in Show in 2000, A Mighty Wind in 2003, and For Your Consideration in 2006).             
Posey is also a favorite of director Hal Hartley. She appeared in Henry Fool (1998),     
two of his shorts, Opera No. 1 (1994; with Adrienne Shelley, another Hartley             
regular) and Sisters of Mercy (2004). Posey also starred in his most recent film,       
Fay Grim (2006). Posey received acclaim for her performance in Zoe Cassavetes's         
directorial debut Broken English in 2007.                                               
Posey has had supporting roles in several big budget studio films, including             
Scream 3 (2000), You've Got Mail (1998), Josie and the Pussycats (2001), Laws of         
Attraction (2004), and Blade: Trinity (2004). She also had a small but notable           
performance in Superman Returns, playing Kitty Kowalski, an assistant to villain         
Lex Luthor.                                                                             
Although Posey primarily works in film, she has appeared in several television           
Posey appeared in the television miniseries adaptations of the Armistead Maupin         
Tales of the City books; her character, Connie, was featured in the original             
1993 series and the 1998 miniseries "sequel" covering the second book.                   
In 2000, she provided the voice of Umbriel the mermaid in the Futurama episode "The     
Deep South."                                                                             
Also in 2000, Parker provided the voice of Becky in an episode of The Simpsons           
titled "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge."                                               
She has also had a recurring role on the television series Will & Grace, as             
Darlene, Jack's high-maintenance boss at Barneys New York.                               
Posey appeared on the season one finale episode of Project Runway in 2005. She           
was a spectator at New York Fashion Week, and also a judge alongside Nina Garcia,       
Michael Kors, and German supermodel/host Heidi Klum.                                     
In 2006, Posey guest-starred as the ambitious, back-stabbing lawyer Marlene             
Stanger in the legal drama Boston Legal.                                                 
Posey was also considered for the role of Rachel Green in Friends. Other notable         
roles she was seriously considered for are Kimmy in My Best Friend's Wedding,           
which Cameron Diaz got, and Althea in The People vs. Larry Flynt, which went to         
Courtney Love.                                                                           
Posey will be starring in the up-coming Fox series The Return of Jezebel James.         
Posey made her stage debut in 2001, and has worked regularly on the stage since.         
Posey also dabbles in music; she can play the mandolin. She learned to play as           
preparation for her role in A Mighty Wind (2003), a film in which she also sang.         
She used her vocal talents on several records of her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Adams,           
whom she dated until early 2005. She also played the mandolin on The Dandy               
Warhols track "I Am Sound" from their Welcome to the Monkey House LP.                   
She is also the subject of several songs:                                               
She is the subject of a tribute song by Stuart Davis on his 2006 album ¿What.           
L.A. based rappers Trilambs also recorded a song titled Parker Posey in 2001.           
Musical project Forms of Things Unknown recorded an experimental music                   
instrumental called From Here to Parker Posey.                                           
Beginning in February 2006, Posey appeared in a commercial for Pepsi Cola               
opposite Jimmy Fallon, dancing to the song "Newton – Streamline". It was               
prominently aired during the FOX broadcasts of the 2006 World Series in October,         
and a longer version has also aired in movie theaters. She is a contributing             
editor to Open City, a literary magazine whose editor, Thomas Beller, she once           
Posey has appeared on the cover of Lucky magazine, an online shopping site.