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Name: Mariel Hemingway                                                               
Birth name: Mariel Hadley Hemingway                                                 
Born: 22 November 1961 Mill Valley, California                                       
Mariel Hadley Hemingway (born November 22, 1961) is an Academy Award- and Golden     
Globe-nominated American actress.                                                   
Hemingway was born in Mill Valley, California, the daughter of Byra Louise (née     
Whittlesey) and Jack Hemingway, a writer. Her paternal grandfather was writer       
Ernest Hemingway and her sister was Margaux Hemingway; she never met her             
grandfather, as he died several months before she was born. She was named after     
the Cuban port of Mariel - a village that her father and grandfather visited         
regularly as sportsmen to fish. Her middle name was after her paternal               
grandmother, Ernest's first wife Hadley Richardson. Hemingway grew up primarily     
in Ketchum, Idaho, where her father lived, and where her paternal grandfather       
also spent a great deal of time as a sportsman and writer. Mariel also spent         
part of her adolescence growing up in New York and Los Angeles.                     
Hemingway's first role was with her sister Margaux in the 1976 film Lipstick.       
The movie was not considered especially good, but Mariel did receive notice for     
the quality of her acting, and she was nominated as "Best Newcomer" for the         
Golden Globes Award that year. Hemingway's most famous role was in Woody Allen's     
Manhattan, in which she plays Allen's high school lover. Only 17 at the time,       
she was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress.                         
In the 1982 movie Personal Best, she played a bisexual athlete in a movie noted     
for some explicit (by mainstream standards) lesbian love scenes. In connection       
with Personal Best she appeared in a pictorial in the April 1982 issue of           
Playboy, including the cover. In 1983, she starred as Dorothy Stratten in Star       
80, a film about the Playboy model's life and murder. Reports circulated for         
years that Hemingway had her breasts enlarged to play the role of Stratten, but     
during a 2007 appearance on Fashionably Late with Stacy London, she said she had     
the surgery before Star 80 came up. Her implants were removed years later after     
they had ruptured. Hemingway was featured in newly discovered deleted footage,       
which was shown in a very rough edit with unfinished visual effects, from           
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and was released on DVD in November 2006 as a       
Deluxe Edition and as part of The Ultimate Superman Collection.                     
Hemingway has played a lesbian in several film or television shows, including       
Personal Best, an infamous episode of the sitcom Roseanne in which she kissed       
Roseanne Barr on the lips, and an episode of Crossing Jordan, but the actress is     
not gay. Hemingway has said she formed a "big connection with the gay and           
lesbian community" after Personal Best and enjoys taking roles in "cutting-edge"     
productions. Hemingway made fun of her reputation for lesbian roles during a         
1995 appearance on Saturday Night Live when she kissed new female cast members       
during her opening monologue as host.                                               
She has a perfume, "Mariel", by H2O+.