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JOHN GOODMAN is one of the industry’s most respected actors. He earned a Golden Globe Award nomination in 1992 for his chilling performance in the Coen brothers’ heralded “Barton Fink.” Coincidentally, his breakthrough motion picture role was in the Coens’ “Raising Arizona.” He most recently starred for the Coen brothers in “The Big Lebowski.”


His mother raised Goodman in St. Louis after his father died when John was two years old. As a tall, bread-shouldered teenager, he attended Affton High School, where he dedicated himself to football.


He intended to play for Southwest Missouri State, but injured a knee and was forced to sit out a year. He spent that time studying drama with fellow students Kathleen Turner and Tess Harper. He never returned to playing football and graduated in 1975 with a BFA degree in theatre.