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Name: Catherine Cappa                                                         
Born: 16 April 1912 New York, New York, U.S.                                   
Died: 6 January 1997 New York, New York, U.S.                                 
Catherine Cappa Scorsese (April 16, 1912 – January 6, 1997) was an American 
actress, and also the mother of director Martin Scorsese.                     
Born in New York City as Catherine Cappa of Italian descent, she began acting 
when Martin cast her in his film It's Not Just You, Murray!. She frequently   
played the role of an Italian mother, as well as various minor and uncredited 
roles, some in films other than her son's. She was married to Charles Scorsese.
Her father, Martin Cappa, was a stage co-ordinator and her mother, Domenica,   
was a shop owner.                                                             
She was also a published author, having written and published a recipe book,   
Italianamerica: The Scorsese Family Cookbook.                                 
She died on January 6, 1997 in New York, from Alzheimer's Disease