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Devon Sawa, or actually, Devon Edward Sawa was born on September 7, 1978 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. His love of acting began when he starred in a school play in kindergarten. Since then, Devon Sawa has had many roles on TV and in movies. Devon Sawa (Deh-vun Sah-wah) started acting on stage when he was eleven. At 14, Devon Sawa was the advertising spokeskid for Kenner’s Nerf Toys. Devon Sawa had a small role in the Canadian fantasy series The Odyssey, and a larger role in KidZone, a Canadian docudrama about high school, which aired in America as Kerrisdale High.


Devon Sawa broke into movies as the quarterback in Little Giants (1994), and then kissed Christina Ricci in two 1995 flicks, Casper (he played the living boy who became the ghost) and Now and Then, where she was the young Rosie O’Donnell. After his first few film credits, Sawa was widely acclaimed as “dreamy,” and became a teen heartthrob and Tiger Beat cover boy.


In 1996, Devon Sawa played Robin Hood with a computer in Showtime’s Robin of Locksley with Sarah Chalke, who had been in KidZone with Sawa several years earlier. He stole The Boys Club from Sean Penn, had a jones for nature in Wild America, and was featured in Eminem’s video “Stan". Devon Sawa ’s solid work in thrillers Idle Hands, Final Destination, The Guilty, and Extreme Ops, and the frat comedy Slackers have made him a bonafide star.


Devon Sawa bristles at comparisons to Leonardo DiCaprio, though he could easily pass as DiCaprio’s kid brother. He’s still romantically attached to his high school sweetheart, Alessia Lancia. Devon Sawa’s acting career is just beginning, and you can expect to see him in many more movies in the years to come.