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Name: Anthony John Sarrero                                                             
Born: 20 September 1949 Harlem, New York, U.S.                                         
Anthony John Sarrero (born 20 September 1949 in New York) is American actor. The       
eldest of three, he was raised in Harlem. Before acting he worked for John             
Hancock Insurance as a life insurance agent in Poughkeepsie, New York. At the         
same time he was acting, starring in several stage productions in the New Paltz,       
New York locale. His surname "Denison" was taken from his friend Jan Denison           
during his days as an actor and director at a nonprofit theater in the late 1970s.     
He is well known for his role as mob boss Ray Luca on the 1980s NBC television         
show Crime Story which ran from 1986 to 1988. Afterwards he starred and guest-starred 
in several crime movies and television programs, notably Wiseguy, in which he         
portrayed undercover agent John Henry Raglin penetrating the corrupt New York         
garment trade; Getting Gotti, 1994 (in which he portrayed John Gotti), Criminal       
Passion (1994), and The Amy Fisher Story, 1993, where he played Joey Buttafuoco.       
He also played head coach Mike George in ESPN's drama series Playmakers. His           
latest work is the recently completed movie Karla, in which he plays Detective         
Burows. Denison is part of the regular cast in The Closer airing on TNT and he         
also had a recurring role as Aldo Burrows on the Fox series Prison Break. In the       
year 2000 he also played the role, of a killer for hire in Walker, Texas Ranger.