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Sir Austin Danger Powers, KBE, is a fictional character portrayed by Mike Myers     
in the Austin Powers movie series parodying 1960s spy-films. He first appears in   
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, released in 1997.                     
The character known as Austin Powers was born on November 12, 1939. In a 1958       
flashback in Goldmember he is clearly in his late teens. He is the son of Nigel     
Powers (played by Michael Caine), a respected Ministry of Defense agent, and the   
twin brother of Dougie Powers (Austin eventually learns this fact in Goldmember),   
otherwise known as Doctor Evil. While attending a spy boarding school, he was       
awarded the title of "International Man of Mystery," much to the dismay of his     
brother,(during the brothers time at school the brothers did not know they were     
brothers), who believed himself to be more deserving. This event would destroy     
the relationship between the two and cause them to become enemies.                 
Austin's anachronistic personal jet                                                 
Following his schooling, Powers went on to join the Ministry of defense and         
became a famous spy. After exiling Dr. Evil to space, Austin was cryopreserved     
in 1967 in case Dr. Evil should return from space. Eventually, Dr. Evil returned   
and Austin was unfrozen and partnered with Ms. Kensington, who was another spy     
working with the ministry of defense. Once both of them had been unfrozen, they     
continued their adversarial relationship while attempting to adjust to the         
culture shock of losing 30 years' worth of time.