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Name: Annie Potts.                                                                       
Born: 28 October 1952 Nashville, Tennessee                                               
Annie Potts (born October 28, 1952) is an American television and film actress.           
She is probably best known for playing the role of Janine Melnitz in the                 
Ghostbusters films and for the television sitcom Designing Women, but has had a           
wide variety of prominent roles in both television and film. Other notable roles         
include Mary Elizabeth (O'Brien) Sims on the Lifetime Television show Any Day             
Now, the voice of Little Bo Peep in the Toy Story films, a supporting role in             
the John Hughes drama Pretty in Pink, and a recent guest-starring role on the             
CBS drama Joan of Arcadia.                                                               
She has done work on talking books, including as the narrator and heroine of             
Larry McMurtry's "Telegraph Days".                                                       
Annie Potts is the daughter of Powell Grisette Potts and Dorothy Harris (Billingslea)     
Potts and has two older sisters, Mary Eleanor (Potts) Hovious, and Elizabeth             
Grissette ("Dollie") Potts. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up             
in Franklin, Kentucky, where she graduated from Franklin-Simpson High School.             
She received a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree (in theater arts) from Stephens               
College in Missouri. When Potts was 17, she was hit by a car driven by a man             
under the influence of alcohol.                                                           
Potts is married to television director James Hayman and is the mother of three           
sons, Clay (born 1981), James (called Doc, born 1992), and Harry (born 1996).             
She is a dedicated Board Member of Stephens College, and has been instrumental           
in fundraising efforts for the college for many years. Potts is currently a               
visiting professor of Drama at the school.