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William Eaton (23 February 1764 - 1 June 1811) was an American Army officer, involved with the First Barbary War. He supported Pasha’s brother to win the battle.


Born in Woodstock, Connecticut, joined the Army at an early age and served until April 1783, when he was appointed U.S. Consul at Tunis. Because of his experience in the North African region, he was appointed Navy agent for the Barbary Regencies on 26 May 1804. Supported afloat by Isaac Hull, Captain of Argus, in an effective “combined operation,” Eaton led the attack on Derne on 27 April 1805. The town’s capture, and the threat of further advance on Tripoli, were strong influences toward peace, negotiated in June 1805 by Tobias Lear and Commodore John Rodgers with the Bashaw of Tripoli.


General Eaton died in Brimfield, Massachusetts, 1 June 1811.