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Name: Gary Soto                                                                           
Born: April 1952                                                                         
Gary Soto (born April 1952) is an American author and poet. Soto was born and             
raised in Fresno, California, to working-class Mexican-American parents. He had           
an older brother named Rick, and a younger sister named Debra. Soto lived in             
Fresno where he worked as a factory laborer. His inspirations include Thomas             
Berger, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Neruda, Carson McCullers, Richard Russo,           
John Galsworthy, Walter Mosley, Edward Fields, James Crumley, Richard Ford,               
Christopher Durang, David Mamet, H.E. Bates, A.R. Gurney, Nick Cinturati, Martín         
Espada, Robertson Davies, Elmore Leonard, and William Shakespeare.[citation needed]       
His books of poetry include:                                                             
"New and selected poems"(Chronicle Books, 1995), which was a National Book Award         
Canto Familiar/Familiar Song (1994);                                                     
Neighborhood Odes (1992);                                                                 
Home Course in Religion (1991);                                                           
Who Will Know Us? (1990);                                                                 
Black Hair (1985);                                                                       
Where Sparrows Work Hard (1981);                                                         
The Tale of Sunlight (1978); and                                                         
The Elements of San Joaquin (1977).