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Katherine Heigl was an experienced movie actress by the time she was cast as one of the out-of-this-world teenagers on WB’s Roswell in 1999. Born and raised in Connecticut, Heigl began modeling and appearing in TV ads as a child. After making her film debut in That Night , Heigl balanced movie work with high school, playing a small role in Steven Soderbergh’s Depression-era drama King of the Hill , and starring as Gerard Depardieu’s difficult daughter in My Father, the Hero and Steven Seagal’s niece in the action sequel Under Siege 2: Dark Territory .


Heigl headed to Los Angeles after high school to make acting her full-time job. Following a leading role in Wish Upon a Star and a small part as a Rita Hayworth stand-in in Stand-Ins , Heigl made a foray into horror with Bug Buster and Bride of Chuckie . Branching out into television, Heigl co-starred with Peter Fonda in a Shakespeare-via-Civil War reworking of The Tempest . Benefiting from the late 1990s wave of youth-driven TV shows, Heigl stayed with television and attracted an avid following as alien beauty Isabel on the cult hit Roswell. Despite shaky ratings, the show’s passionate fan base ensured that Heigl and her co-stars would return for another season in 2000. Katherine Heigl was born in Connecticut on November 24, 1978. She grew up there, with her two older brothers and older sister.


The natural blonde got her start as a child model is Sears catelogs. She then moved to commercial work, which eventually opened doors for film roles. Small roles in That Night and King of the Hill. In 1994, Katherine had a main role in My Father the Hero, playing Gerard Depardieu’s resentful daughter. This lead up to playing Steven Segal’s niece in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. After this role, Katherine flourished with fame, appearing on David Letterman and Jay Leno, and on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. Follwing the graduation of high school, Katherine moved to California to concentrate on acting, full-time. She starred in the independent feautures Prince Valiant and Stand-In’s.


In 1998, Katherine became part of the Chucky sequels, when she joined the cast, including Jennifer Tilly, in the cult-hit, The Bride of Chucky. Despite the horror of Chucky, the 5′8″ actres went on to co-star with Peter Fonda in the TV-movie, The Tempest. And now, she plays Isabel Evens on the WB hit, Roswell. Look for Katherine in upcoming movies, she is on the fast track to fame.


Was with the Elite Modelling Agency. Has two older brothers, Holt and Jason; and older sister, Meg. Auditioned for all 3 female leads on “Roswell” (1999) before being cast as Isabel. She is half Irish and half German. She has green eyes. Former model. Began dating Joey Lawrence in 1994. They met at Seventeen Magazine’s 50th Anniversary party. Graduated from New Canaan High School class of 1996. Beat out Alicia Silverstone for the lead role in My Father the Hero (1994). (2000) Dated ‘Roswell’ costar Jason Behr. Her brother Jason died when Katherine was young.


1994 film My Father, The Hero. Katherine then went on to have a part in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. After graduating from New Canaan High School, where she balanced acting and modeling with the hectic life of a student, she pursued a full-time acting career. She went on to star in independent films such as Prince Valiant and Wish Upon a Star. Katherine then starred opposite Peter Fonda in the TV film, The Tempest. She now has a regular part on Roswell, the hit alien series on the WB network, where she is Isabel, an alien with 2 brothers Max and Michael. While working on Roswell, Katherine made time to take on two film projects, with roles in 100 Girls and Valentine. She also has upcoming roles in two new feature films.