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Javed Jaffrey was born on 4 December 1970 in Mumbai. Jaaved Jaffrey has          played roles in various Hindi movies and serials. He is famous for his          Maggi tomato ketchup advertisements. He is also popular as taporis for          his portrayals of Bombay hoodlums. His dubbed commentary has been used          in the famous Japanese TV show, Takeshi’s Castle, on Pogo TV. He is          Muslim by religion. He is married. His contact address is: 101 A          Greengate, Preyy X Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400 050.


He first came as a villain in the film Meri Jung released in the year 1985. He did show his dancing prowess in the role he played, but got forgotten in movies. His comic prowess came to the fore via Television in the 1990s. With the launch of cable TV, particularly MTV and it’s irreverent sense of humour gave him the space for his brand of comedy.


He anchored a show called Blast from the Past, where his deadpan expressions and bilingual Puns got him a fan following (for example-” What is Yaadon Ki Baraat in Hindi- A procession of Mammaries” the last being a play of words in how some people in India pronounce Memory, and a delightful reminder that the film starred Zeenat Aman and Neetu Singh. He also anchored a top of the charts song programme, Timex Timepass, playing various characters.


He won his first IIFA award for best comic role in Salaam Namaste in 2006.He hosts the dance competition show Boogie Woogie on Sony Entertainment Television Asia with his brother, Naved Jaffery and friend Ravi Behl.