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Gabrielle Richens was born in Kent, England, on the 15th of September 1974. Her exotic looks can be attributed to her parents, as her mother is English and her father is South African. She left Kent early on, ditching high school to pursue a modeling career. Gabrielle was on her own by age 14, when her career took off in Spain. It wasn’t hard for her to find a job as the brown haired, brown-eyed girl had the figure of a model.


You may wonder why she was coined with the nickname “Pleasure Machine,” although it’s by no means a stretch. Gabrielle was hired to star in a Virgin Atlantic Airlines commercial, an ad that has probably been watched by men the world over.


Due to her role as a stripper in a rather risque, X-rated ad, it’s hard to pay any attention to the product being advertised - “The Pleasure Machine” - the airplane, that is.


Signed with Elite Premier, Gabrielle appeared in ads for Diesel Jeans, Pepsi (along with Janet Jackson), as well as the 1998 Heineken Calendar. She headed for Australia for a modeling shoot, and got more than she bargained for when she met Solomon Haumono, her boyfriend and subsequent player for the Canterbury Football Rugby League Club.


After 2 years in Australia, Gabrielle headed back to England in 1998 to spend time with her family.


She soon returned down under, where her modeling career has shot up ever since. She appeared in spreads and interviews in magazines such as The Star, Ray Martin, CLEO Magazine, Ralph Magazine, New Idea, and Inside Sport Magazine, and has appeared on The Footy Show and The Midday Show with Kerri-Ann.


But these spreads were nothing compared to her work with Playboy. Gabrielle appeared on the cover of the Australian issue of the magazine for its 20th Anniversary Edition. It was one of her proudest moments, as regular modeling isn’t as exciting as posing for the historical magazine.


If modeling isn’t exciting enough, then acting must be, as Gabrielle is supposedly taking acting classes. She has already landed a role on Total Sports.


As for her romantic life, Gabrielle is now (unfortunately) back together with her on-again off-again boyfriend.