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Name: Bruce Beresford                                                             
Born: 16 August 1940 Sydney Australia                                             
Bruce Beresford (born 16 August 1940) is an Academy Award-nominated Australian   
film director, writer, and producer. Born in Sydney to Leslie and Lona Beresford, 
he grew up in the (then) outer western suburb of Toongabbie. He attended The     
King's School, Sydney. He now works both in Australia and the United States. He   
was previously wed to Rhoisin Patricia Harrison and married Virginia Duigan in   
1985. Their daughter Trilby Beresford acts, whilst his daughter with his first   
wife Cordelia Beresford is a cinematographer.                                     
In August 2007 he published a memoir, Josh Hartnett Definitely Wants To do This...
True Stories From A Life In The Screen Trade.                                     
Attended University of Sydney with Clive James, Germaine Greer, Bob Ellis, Ken   
Horler, and Mungo McCallum (writer).                                             
Contemporary and friend of John Bell, with whom he shared a house and he also     
did some film acting.                                                             
Close friends with Australian comedian, satirist and character actor Barry       
Humphries and his family, best known for his on-stage/television alter ego Dame   
Edna Everage.