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Swami Jyotirmayanada was born on February 3, 1931, in a religious family in Bihar. Since his childhood, he was excellent in his studies and was a very lovable child. While he was receiving his higher education in Science College at Patna, he had the opportunity to read the book ‘Mind its Mysteries and Control’, written by Swami Sevananda. The thoughts of the book had a deep impact on his mind. To see Sivananda, he visited Rishikesh and stayed there permanently.


Very soon, Swami Jyotirmayananda Became Sivananda’s best disciple. After being initiated by his guru in 1954, he started taking a keen interest in literary work. Later he became the Editor of the Hindi journal of the society known as ‘yoga-Vedanta philosophy, attracted enormous interest from all over India and in different countries of the world. Subsequently, he visited Eruquently, he visited European and American Countries where his lectures and thoughts were well appreciated. In 1969, he published a book on yoga teaching.