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Saint Tukaram was the most popular saint of Maharashtra . He was born in 1598. His parents were poor agriculturists of Maratha community but of pious and charitable nature.


Married at the age of fifteen, Tukaram lost his wife and son, who died of starvation in a famine. His second wife jeejabai was capable but worldly woman who could not understand or appreciate her husband’s spiritual aspirations.


Tukaram spent much of his spare time in contemplation and studying the works of the famous saints of his native land. One guru, Raghava Chaitanya, provided him spiritual guidance in his dreams. After a period of contemplation in isolation and sadhana of severe kind, poetry dawned on him. Him ‘Abhangas’ reveal the great inner struggle he had to undergo. But they also provide insight into the stages of God-realisation through the medium of Bhakti or devotion. Singing and chanting of God’s glory was a surest path of God-realisation for Tukaram. He left his earthy body in 1649