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Pandit Satlal Siboo was born on the August 10,1902. To realise the self and search for spiritual knowledge, he took voluntary retirement from Jammu and Kashmir fire services. He started practising Sadhana at his j second floor room, popularly known as ‘Kam’.


Pandit Satlal practised a unique way of meditation. He meditated upon the Istha-Devi-Sri Ragniya in the form of Prakrati’. He meditated over Bhuteshwara in the form of ‘Purusha’ and then recited the ‘Bija Mantras’. He believed that this form of Sadhana enlightened every nerve cell. His sadhana also included worship of Sri Vantra in the ‘Kadi’ tradition I as ‘Shakta’ method was known to him.


Being a master of Shakta, Pandit Satlal imparted the knowledge of Shakta tradition to his followers. He had a good knowledge of ancient systems of medicine. But, after attaining a higher state of spiritual awakening, he commonly used his mantra to get rid of diseases. He passed i away on October 19,1987.