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Khwaja Gulam Farid, a chisti silsila mystic, was born in 1261 Hijri. During his childhood, his brother imparted him education and initiated him to spiritualism.


Ghulam Farid imbibed knowldege of poetry and Philosophy. The devotion of Ghulam Farid to his brother knew no bounds. Farid revered him so such that he did not find any difference between him and God. He had command over vaious languages - Sindhi, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Punabi. Some of his utterances are the finest gems of love-poetry.


With his spiritual attainment, he reached the stage of permanent bliss, called fannah-fillah. He rose above relivous bigotry and hatred. His only religion was to serve the goodness of humanity. Humility was the core of his teachings. To him eternal truth couldbe achieved through love and dedication. He preached the monotheistic image of god. He died in 1319 Hijri.