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I he founder of the city of Amritsar, Guru Ramdas Ji is the Chauthi Patshahi or the fourth Guru of Sikhs.


Guru Ramdas Ji kept alive the tradition of the first three Gurus. His tenure as Sikh’s guru was for a very short period. He somehow managed to get a land where he laid the foundation of a new town called Ramdaspur which later became Amritsar. The town is still considered one of the sacred cities of Sikhs. Here, he dug a tank which became the principal place of pilgrimage. Guru Ramdas generously invited traders and businessmen to the town. Consequently, the town became an important trade and religious centre in Northern India.


The tank of Amritsar became famous for ‘Ramdas Sarovar Nahate, I Sab uttre paap kamate‘ - The bath in the tank washed away all the sins. Amritsar is for the Sikhs what Mecca is for the Muslims. All these works of Ramdas ji reveal that the Guru had his mission and did everything to establish it as a separate religious system and entity.