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Name: Paul Henry O'Neill                                                                 
Born: 4 December 1935 St. Louis, Missouri                                               
Paul Henry O'Neill (born December 4, 1935) served as the 72nd United States             
Secretary of the Treasury for part of President George W. Bush's first                   
Administration. He resigned in December 2002 under pressure from the                     
administration and became a harsh critic. O'Neill was chairman and CEO of               
Pittsburgh-based industrial giant Alcoa from 1987 to 1999, and retired as               
chairman at the end of 2000. In 1995, he was made chairman of the RAND                   
O'Neill was born in St. Louis, Missouri, although his "hometown" and current             
residence is Pittsburgh. He met his wife at Anchorage High School in Anchorage,         
Alaska, from which they both graduated in 1954. He lived on the military base           
there with his parents. He received a bachelor's degree in Economics from               
California State University, Fresno a degree in economics from Claremont                 
Graduate University in 1961, and a Master of Public Administration from Indiana         
University. O'Neill and his wife Nancy have four children and 12 grandchildren.         
He began his public service as a computer systems analyst with the Veterans             
Administration, where he served from 1961 to 1966. He joined the United States           
Office of Management and Budget in 1967, and was deputy director of OMB from             
1974 to 1977. After President Gerald Ford lost the 1976 election, O'Neill took           
an executive job at the International Paper Company in New York City. He was             
vice president of the company from 1977 to 1985 and president from 1985 to 1987.         
In 1988, he was approached by President George H. W. Bush to be Secretary of             
Defense. O'Neill declined, but recommended Dick Cheney for the position. Bush           
then pursued O'Neill to chair an advisory group on education that included Lamar         
Alexander, Bill Brock, and Richard Riley. Under O'Neill's leadership, the group         
recommended national standards and unified testing standards.                           
O'Neill was chairman and CEO of the Pittsburgh industrial giant Alcoa from 1987         
to 1999, and retired as chairman at the end of 2000. His reign was extremely             
successful, as the company's revenues increased from $1.5 billion in 1987 to $23         
billion in 2000 and O'Neill's personal fortune grew to $60 million.                     
In 1995, O'Neill was made chairman of the RAND Corporation.                             
In December 1997, O'Neill together with Karen Wolk Feinstein, President of the           
Jewish Healthcare Foundation, founded the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare                 
Initiative (PRHI). They assembled a wide-ranging coalition of healthcare                 
interests to begin to address the problems of healthcare, as a region. PRHI             
adapted the principles of the Toyota Production System into the "Perfecting             
Patient Care" system. Mr. O'Neill became a leader locally and nationally in             
addressing issues of patient safety and quality in healthcare.                           
O'Neill was also pegged by Mayor Tom Murphy as a co-leader of Pittsburgh's               
Riverlife Task Force, along with the publisher of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.           
In 2005, O'Neill entered closed-door meetings with the Pittsburgh Gambling Task         
Force to help them reach a "no-endorsement" stance on what casino to recommend.         
(News from June 1, 2006)