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Name: Samantha Karen Fox                                                         
Born: 15 April 1966 Mile End, London, England                                     
Samantha Karen "Sam" Fox (born April 15, 1966 in Mile End, London) is an English 
former glamour model and dance-pop singer.                                       
As the eldest daughter of the late Patrick John Fox and Carole Ann Wilken,       
Samantha Karen Fox came from a family of market traders in the East End of       
London. She has a sister, Vanessa, who is six years younger, and a half-sister,   
Frederica, from her father's second marriage.                                     
She had a keen interest in the theatre from an early age, and first appeared on   
a theatre stage at the age of three, and was enrolled in the Anna Scher Theatre   
School from the age of 5. Her first television appearance came in 1976, at the   
age of 10, in a BBC play entitled No Way Out. Following on from this, she         
started at the Judi Dench Mountview Theatre School, near her home in Crouch End, 
at the age of 11.                                                                 
Interested in music from an early age, she formed her first band at the age of   
14. Her first record deal came a year later, with Lamborghini Records. However,   
both her theatre and music careers went on hold when her modelling career took