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Name: Wayne Wang                                                                   
Born: 12 January 1949                                                             
Wayne Wang (born January 12, 1949) is a Chinese                                   
American film director.                                                           
Born in Hong Kong, he studied film and television at California College of Arts   
and Crafts in Oakland. Chan Is Missing (1982) and Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart   
(1985) established his reputation. He is best known for the independent features   
Smoke (1995) and Anywhere but Here (1999). At the 2007 Toronto International       
Film Festival, Wang premiered two feature films, A Thousand Years of Good         
Prayers and The Princess of Nebraska, as well as appearing in the Arthur Dong     
documentary film Hollywood Chinese. He won the Golden Shell at the San             
Sebastian Film Festival in September 2007 for A Thousand Years of Good Prayers.   
He is married to a former Miss Hong Kong, Cora Miao, and lives in San Francisco   
and New York City.