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Patricia Ford was born March 17, 1969, in Honolulu, Hawaii. With a diverse background consisting of Chinese, Hawaiian, Portuguese, German, and Irish, Patricia must be fascinated by her world travels while on modeling assignments.


For someone who has never been a Play.boy Play.mate, Patricia has done an extensive list of work for Mr. Hefner. Her work with the bunny magazine includes the following: The cover of a German Play.boy’s March 1996 edition; the cover of Australian Play.boy’s July 1996 edition; 12 issues of Play.boy’s Book of Lingerie, from January 1993 to June 1996, not including the 50th Issue Anniversary Special. She was named Play.boy’s Book of Lingerie Model of 1996.


Patricia also has other Play.boy Specials on her resume: Bathing Beauties in ‘93, ‘94 and ‘95; Girls of Summer in ‘93, ‘94 and ‘96; and Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads in ‘93; Beauty Queens in ‘94; and Hot Denim Daze in ‘95.


Besides the notorious Play.boy, Patricia has appeared in many adult magazines, such as High Society and Club International (both times as Brandi), Men’s World, Men Only, Spice, Model Directory, Club, and Cheri Undercover.