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Jean Claude Van Damme (born October 18, 1960), born Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, is a Belgian-born action movie actor who’s most known for martial arts films. His Belgian background gave rise to the nickname “Muscles from Brussels".


Jean Claude Van Damme’s Hollywood debut was almost invisible, literally. He was scheduled to play the part of the camouflaged monster in Predator. Wearing a heavy costume in the jungle was rough and Van Damme was unhappy with his role. How he left the picture is disputed: some say he quit, others say he was replaced when the character was revised. Van Damme claims he intentionally got fired so he could move on to other films. Van Damme’s appearance in Bloodsport earned him a nomination as “Worst New Star” in the 1988 Golden Raspberry Awards (he lost).


Van Damme worked his way up to Hollywood mainstream in the 1990s, often working with acclaimed foreign directors. Notable films include Universal Soldier ( 1992), Hard Target ( 1993), and Timecop ( 1994


). In most of his movies, he plays a prize fighter, policeman, or soldier. By the end of the 1990s his high-profile career had faded but he continues to star in smaller, often direct-to-video, films. His movies have earned over US$650 million worldwide, earning him a place in the action movie world along with others like Steven Seagal  and Chuck Norris Van Damme has won a number of Europe an karate  championships. He has had troubles with cocaine  and is also reported to have experienced bipolar disorder. He has been married five times, including two marriages with his current wife Gladys Portugues. In 1998, Van Damme and actor Chuck Zito engaged in a fistfight at a New York city bar. Chuck Zito floored Van Damme with two punches.