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Christopher Warnock practices as an attorney and Renaissance astrologer in Washington, D.C. He received an M.A.(Hons.) concentrating in Renaissance and early modern history from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) in 1986.


He received a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School in 1989. He is a member of the bar of the District of Columbia and United States Supreme Court and has been counsel in a dozen published opinions issued by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the highest court of the District of Columbia.


Mr. Warnock was initiated into the Dhu’r-Riyasatayn branch of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order in 1991. He was tutored in Islamic logic and the existentialist philosophy of Sadr al-Din Shirazi (Mulla Sadra) by Ayatollah Mehdi Ha’iri Yazdi, who had the unique distinction of being a master (mujtahid) of traditional Iranian philosophy as well as having received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Toronto.


In addition to practicing astrology, he is currently following the spiritual path of Hermeticism, a practical path to Gnosis, based on the writings traditionally attributed to Hermes Trismegistus as well as working with Renaissance ceremonial magic.


Mr. Warnock has studied with Carol Wiggers, Lee Lehman and Robert Zoller, who are among the foremost Renaissance and medieval astrologers in America. He is a graduate of Lee Lehman’s Classical Studies in Horary course. He was a speaker at the 1998 ARHAT Traditional Astrology Conference and was a faculty member at the 2002 United Astrology Conference.


He has published in Horary Practitioner, Pathways, the Astrological Association Journal, the Mountain Astrologer and the Llewellyn Moon Sign Books for 2002 and 2003 and Dell Horoscope magazine. Mr. Warnock has been profiled in the Washington Legal Times and the New York Lawyer. He has also appeared on the series “Critical Eye” on the Science Channel.