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Born on the 26th of October in 1962, Cary Elwes is one of the country’s lesser known actors who is rapidly increasing in popularity. Born in England, he actually studied acting at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. His full name is Ivan Simon Cary Elwes. There has been a lot of debate about how to pronounce his last name: said "Ells" by most, Cary himself has said it’s pronounced "like Elvis, but with a W."


But the HBO commercials said it "Elle - ways", and who knows how those British people say "Elvis."


Being talented in the fine arts runs in Cary’s family. He is the youngest of the three sons of Tessa Kennedy and Bede Evelyn Domonic. His two older brothers, Steven Cassian Elwes and Dusan Damian Elwes, are involved in producing and painting.


Tessa and Bede eloped to Havana, Cuba, in 1958, after being forbidden to marry. However, they divorced when Cary was nine.


His mother has since remarried producer Elliot Kastner, and his father died in 1975. Tessa and Elliot have two children, Milica (named after Tessa’s grandmother) and Dillon.


Though his family was originally from Yugoslavia, Cary was born and raised in London, England. Coming to the USA in 1980, he lived in New York City for the duration of the 80s, moving to LA in the 90s. However, he’s never shaken the English accent, although he can do mean Scottish and Irish accents and pretty good American ones– but most people found that his Texas twang in "Twister" left something to be desired.


His love of film stretches all the way back to his childhood – long before he was playing bad guys/dead guys in major motion pictures and cult favorites. He used to act as a projectionist in school, his favorite films including some Mel Brooks classics. Incidentally, he would later star in the title role of Brooks’ "Robin Hood: Men In Tights."


He also has a love of history, saying it was his best subject in school and, of course, choosing roles in historical pieces like "Lady Jane" and "Glory." These days, Cary is getting a lot of work and a little more recognition for it.


Now engaged, Cary lives in Malibu with his fiancée Lisa-Marie Kurbikoff. He has been credited in over 20 shows and films.