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Name: Jewel Kilcher                                                                 
Born: 23 May 1974 Payson, Utah, United States                                       
Jewel Kilcher (born May 23, 1974) is an American singer, songwriter,               
actress, poet and philanthropist, generally known just by her first name, Jewel.   
She has received three Grammy Award nominations. Her debut album Pieces of You     
became one of the best selling debut albums of all time going platinum twelve       
Jewel was born in Payson, Utah, the daughter of Nedra Carroll, an artist and       
personal manager, and Atz Kilcher, an elementary school music teacher, folk         
singer and social worker. Her mother of Irish descent and her father is of         
Swiss-German origin. She is the cousin of actress Q'Orianka Kilcher. She           
spent most of her young life in Homer, Alaska, living with her father. The         
home she grew up in did not have indoor plumbing; it had a simple outhouse         
instead. She and her father sometimes earned a living by singing in bars and       
taverns. It was from these experiences she learned to yodel, a quality             
demonstrated in many of her songs. Her father was a Mormon, but they stopped       
attending the church shortly before she turned eight. Yule Kilcher, her             
grandfather, was a state senator involved in drafting Alaska's constitution for     
its admission into a state from a territory in 1959.                               
During high school, Jewel was known to spell her name "Jule" or "Juel," but she     
attributes this to simply playing with her name.                                   
Jewel learned to play the guitar while on scholarship at the prestigious           
Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan, where she majored in operatic   
voice. She started writing songs at the age of seventeen.                           
For a time, she was poverty-stricken and lived in her van while traveling about     
the country doing street performances and small gigs. She gained some               
recognition by singing at the Innerchange Coffeehouse and Java Joe's in San         
Diego, California. Her friend Steve Poltz's band, The Rugburns, played the         
same venues. Jewel later collaborated with Poltz on some of her songs,             
including " You Were Meant For Me." (He also appeared in the second, best-known,   
video for this song.) The Rugburns opened for Jewel on her Tiny Lights tour in     
1997. Poltz appeared in Jewel's band on the Spirit World Tour 1999 playing