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Name:  Eric T. Erlandson                                                                   
Born: January 9, 1963 Los Angeles, California                                               
Eric T. Erlandson (born January 9, 1963, in Los Angeles, California) is the co-founder     
of and former lead guitarist for '90s rock/grunge band Hole. He grew up in San             
Pedro, where he was picked on for being lanky and pale.                                     
Before forming Hole, Erlandson used to work for Capitol Records doing Paul                 
McCartney's and Tina Turner's royalties. He was friends with Kurt Cobain and               
Courtney Love, and at one time dated actress Drew Barrymore, who is the                     
godmother of Cobain and Love's daughter Frances Bean. He also had a relationship           
with Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff who died from a heroin overdose, two months                 
after the release of Hole's second album, Live Through This.                               
Eric remains good friends with Melissa Auf der Maur, and played guitar on one               
track (Would If I Could) from her 2004 solo album Auf Der Maur. Over the years,             
he's worked with Bijou Philips, John Wolfington, Everett True and Rodney                   
Eric has practiced Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism since 1990. Currently, he is                   
studying creative writing, and Tai Chi in Los Angeles. He's also working on a               
new music project with his neighbor Vincent Gallo. Their band together, RRIICCEE,           
has recently played shows in San Francisco and Japan.