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Name: James Bond                                                                 
James Bond 007 is a fictional character created in 1952 by writer Ian Fleming,   
featured in 12 novels, two anthologies, and a film series. After Fleming's       
death in 1964, subsequent James Bond novels were written by Kingsley Amis (as     
Robert Markham), John Pearson, John Gardner and Raymond Benson. In addition       
Charlie Higson has begun to write a series of books detailing the "Young James   
Bond". In July 2007, it was announced that Sebastian Faulks has been             
commissioned to write a Bond novel for publication in 2008. Moreover,             
Christopher Wood novelised two screenplays, while other writers have authored     
unofficial versions of the character.                                             
Initially famed through the best-selling novels, James Bond is now best known     
for the EON Productions film series, twenty-one of which have been made as of     
2007. The 22nd EON-produced Bond adventure is currently in production and was     
announced as Quantum of Solace. In addition there have been two independent       
feature productions (a 1967 spoof version of Casino Royale starring David Niven   
in the title role, and 1983's Never Say Never Again) and one Fleming-licenced     
American television adaptation of the first novel, aired in 1954. In 1956,       
Moonraker was also adapted into a South African radio play starring Bob Holness   
as Bond. By the year 1990 You Only Live Twice was adapted into a 90 minute radio 
play for BBC Radio 4 with Michael Jayston playing James Bond.                     
In 2008, BBC Radio 4 was granted the rights for a one-shot broadcast of a radio   
adaptation of another 007 novel: Dr. No, with Toby Stephens (who portrayed the   
villain in Die Another Day) as James Bond. The EON Productions films are         
generally termed as "official" films originating with the purchase of the James   
Bond film rights by producer Harry Saltzman in the late 1950s.                   
Away from movies, TV and radio, Bond has also been adapted for many other media, 
including comic strips and video games.