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Name: Edison Arantes do Nascimento (Pele)                                               
Born: 23 October 1940 Brazil                                                             
Edison Arantes do Nascimento, KBE (born October 23, 1940 in Tras Corasµes,               
Brazil), best known by his nickname Pele, is a former Brazilian football player,         
rated by many as the greatest footballer of all time. He was given the title of         
Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee and jointly               
received FIFA Player of the Century chosen by officials at the organisation,             
shared with Diego Maradona who won the people's vote.                                   
In his native Brazil, Pele is hailed as a national hero. He is known for his             
accomplishments and contribution to the game, in addition to being officially           
declared the football ambassador of the world by FIFA and a national treasure by         
the Brazilian government. He is also acknowledged for his vocal support of               
policies to improve the social conditions of the poor (when he scored his 1,000th       
goal he dedicated it to the poor children of Brazil). During his career, he             
became known as "The King of Football" (O Rei do Futebol), "The King Pele" (O           
Rey Pele) or simply "The King" (O Rey). He is also a member of the American             
National Soccer Hall of Fame.                                                           
Spotted by football star Waldemar de Brito, Pele began playing for Santos               
Futebol Clube at just 15 and his national team at 16, and won his first World           
Cup at 17. Despite numerous offers from European clubs, the then economic               
conditions and the Brazilian Football regulations benefited Santos FC, thus             
enabling them to keep Pele for almost two decades until his semi-retirement in           
1974. Pele played as an inside forward, striker, and what later became known as         
the playmaker position. Pele's technique and natural athleticism have been               
universally praised; he was renowned for his unstoppable dribbling and visionary         
passing, as well as his pace, powerful shot, and an exceptional heading ability,         
but above all he was an exceptionally prolific goalscorer.                               
He is the all-time top scorer in the history of the Brazil national team and is         
the only footballer to be a part of three World Cup-winning teams. It should be         
noted that though he was named part of the 1962 squad, he was injured and did            ?
not receive a winner's medal. During November 2007, FIFA announced that he would       
however be awarded the 1962 medal, making him the only player in the world to           
have 3 World Cup gold medals.                                                           
Since his full retirement in 1977 Pele has been an ambassador for football and           
has also undertaken various acting roles and commercial ventures.